Oxford Drinker mag on way back

First Oxford Drinker magazine in print since March 2020 is in production

Have you missed our printed magazine? Maybe, maybe not! The Covid pandemic halted production of all CAMRA magazines for a long time, as there was no point producing them when pubs and breweries were closed or under trading restrictions, and the advertising needed to cover printing costs simply wasn’t there. Some CAMRA magazines have returned to print before the Oxford Drinker, some have yet to do so and some may never return, but with the support of our advertisers we feel that the time is now right to go back into print.

Publicity to support the launch of this website in September 2020

We haven’t been sleeping, however – far from it. In September 2020, six months after the pandemic started and while CAMRA was still not allowing magazines to be printed, the Oxford Drinker was relaunched as the dedicated website you are reading now. In the nearly three years since then more than 100 articles have appeared online including news, features, guest columnists and Comment, and all these are still available to read. Updates are usually made once or twice a month, and these continue as the Oxford Drinker online is still our prime focus. News can be posted online as it happens, and this website has become an important source of information for local print and broadcast media as well as CAMRA members and anyone interested in local pubs and breweries.

We are going back into print as well because we appreciate that not everyone has online access, and many who do still prefer the look and feel of a printed magazine that they can enjoy while supping a pint. A printed version can never rival online for topicality, but we will be producing another in the run-up to the Oxford Beer and Cider Festival in October, before settling down to more regular production in 2023.

Watch out for Tony’s Travels down the Cowley Road in the summer 2022 edition

Every edition of the magazine will have content that you can read here first before it goes online, and the Summer 2022 edition will include guest columnists Paul Silcock and Graham Shelton, and Tony’s Travels along the Cowley Road, before these articles appear online. We will also update you about Oxford’s four closed historic pubs, the growing number of beer festivals, pub and brewery news, and more.

There are still many threats to pubs and breweries, not least the consumer spending squeeze that can only get worse come the autumn. Cask ale is in decline nationally with a mixed picture locally, but whatever happens we will be there to tell you about it, both online and in print. Watch out for when the Summer 2022 magazine is launched and how you can help distribute it, and in the meantime your contributions, suggestions and comments are welcome: contact editor@oxford.camra.org.uk.